Rosetta Archer Shows Readers How to Live Again After Loss in Sunless SKIES: How to Release the Sorrow of Grief

Rosetta Archer Shows Readers How to Live Again After Loss in Sunless SKIES How to Release the Sorrow of Grief

Millions of people each year experience the tragic loss of a loved one in their immediate family or in their extended family. Millions more will experience the anguish of losing a friend, co-worker, teammate, or business associate. With so much grief and heartache, it is almost certain that grief will enter into each of our lives at one point or another. When one encounters grief, that person will need someone to guide them, a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, and a heart that understands. Grief is a normal process of life. However, there is hope and help for those who are left behind after the death of a loved one.In the pages of Sunless SKIES: How to Release the Sorrow of Grief, Rosetta Archer offers a practical, easy to read and apply guide to dealing with grief. Using Scripture, education, research, stories, questions and answers, and several tips and steps to follow, those who are or will experience grief in life will be encouraged and empowered to enter and exit the grieving process with hope and peace. Sunless SKIES offers a strong support system built on a firm foundation to help readers navigate the difficult process of grief.

Rosetta Archer also includes instructions for ministers and other leaders to guide those who are grieving, and shows how to train others to do the same.Sunless SKIES is an invaluable resource for all people who want to be able to move forward with life after loss.

Rosetta Archer is uniquely qualified for writing this critical resource. She has studied the psyche, the “breath, spirit, and soul” of mankind. Armed with a Social Science degree, with a concentration in Psychology, she is a Michigan State University graduate equipped to tackle the very personal and sensitive issues of human behavior during times of grief. Drawing from and reflecting on her years of experience and through the use of knowledge and principles contained in this book, she has ministered to hundreds of grieving individuals, and those who desire to assist them.

Rosetta is well known as a gifted psalmist, dynamic minister and anointed author. She has a unique ability for addressing the challenges of life in a way that is easy to understand and apply to everyday life. An honor’s graduate of the Word of Faith International Christian Center’s Ministers Training Program, she brings the compassion in her heart for others to all the works she embraces. Having traveled throughout the continental U.S. and abroad, she is also known internationally as a worship leader and singer. One of her fondest memories is traveling to Israel and leading several hundred ministers, leaders and laity in praise and worship on beautiful Mount Zion. Rosetta and her husband of 30 years currently reside in the State of Michigan.

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