Beyoncé’s Mom Breaks Down ‘Lemonade’

(Photo: Melissa Phillip, AP)
(Photo: Melissa Phillip, AP)

On April 23, Beyoncé gave us Lemonade, a living, breathing love letter to black women and a sweeping meditation on the emotional gauntlet we’re so often expected to run in silence — the crosses we’re expected to die on daily, the betrayal we’re told to unflinchingly absorb, and the song of liberation we’re expected to swallow.

Two weeks later, some are still thirsting for more from Lemonade — not for the sake of healing, but rather for the satisfaction of knowing the intimate details — and alleged infidelity — that go into such an aching piece of art.

And it’s those people, says the singer’s mother, who are missing the point.

“People make it all about the cheating and betrayal and, yes, that’s a part of it because that is something you have to heal from,” Tina Knowles-Lawson told ABC13 in Houston Sunday. “If you really listen to the poetry it is one of hope and redemption and hopefully that can be healing for people.”

“It could be about anyone’s marriage,” Knowles-Lawson continued in reference to speculation thatLemonade is a retrospective look at Jay Z’s infidelity. “I think that everybody at one time or another has been betrayed and lied to and it’s about the pain and it’s about the healing process and it’s about how do you get past that and move on.”

Broaching her own experiences with betrayal, Knowles-Lawson opened up about how her daughters helped her move on from their father, Mathew Knowles, whom she divorced in 2011 following infidelity. “I remember my first little pity party and I called them crying and you know, they all came,” she shared. “We had a slumber party, we watched old movies all night and ate ice cream — it was very healing.”

Knowles-Lawson has since learned to make lemonade of the lemons life has given her. She’s now remarried to actor Richard Lawson and maintains that her family continues to give her strength. “My children are my rock,” she said. “It’s just been the best gift God could have given me.”

SOURCE: USA Today Entertain This – Jaleesa M. Jones