Anne Graham Lotz Is Speaking Out About the Presidential Race and Who She Will Support

Anne Graham Lotz says America may face God’s judgment soon if it doesn’t turn away from its sin. (Submitted photo)
Anne Graham Lotz says America may face God’s judgment soon if it doesn’t turn away from its sin. (Submitted photo)

The daughter of evangelist Billy Graham is speaking out about the presidential race and who she will support.

“I said that whoever was the Republican presidential nominee I would vote for, and it looks like it may be Donald Trump,” Anne Graham Lotz, the founder of AnGeL Ministries, told CBN News. “So I would find it difficult to vote for a Democrat at this point because of the platforms so I will vote for whoever the Republican nominee is.”

Lotz says God can use anybody, and she points people to the rulers during the time of the prophet Daniel.

“Daniel was a man who lived under four world emperors — none of whom were children of Abraham, none of whom were members of God’s family — but God used all of them… all four ended up giving praise to the God of Daniel because of what they saw in Daniel’s life,” she explained. “The first one was Nebuchadnezzar, and God actually refers to Nebuchadnezzar as ‘my servant’ in the Old Testament.”

“So my feeling is whoever is the Republican nominee, whoever gets into the Oval Office, and if it’s a Democrat or a Republican, whoever is in that position of power, I feel like we need to pray for that person because Nebuchadnezzar was somebody who was wicked, he was evil. God used him in an incredible way, but in the end, Nebuchadnezzar gave glory to the God of Daniel, and his life was changed,” she continued.

Lotz told CBN News that evangelicals need to rethink their mission.

“Anybody… is redeemable… our mission is not to change the world through the political system; our mission is to present the Gospel, to get on our knees and pray for those who are in leadership positions as we’re commanded to do in the New Testament,” she emphasized. “So I will be praying — praying already actually for the candidates — and I will be praying for whoever is the ultimate candidate and the one who wins the election.”

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Mark Martin