Rebecca Ferguson Pulls Out of Singing at Donald Trump’s Inauguration After Being Told she Couldn’t Sing Protest Song About Lynching

Rebecca Ferguson says she won’t be performing at Donald’s Trump’s inauguration next Friday.

She tweeted last week to say she’d been approached to appear at the event.

But she said she’d only perform if she could sing Strange Fruit, a protest song which describes the lynching of African Americans early last century.

“There are many grey areas about the offer for me to perform that I’m unable to share right now, but I will not be singing,” she said in a statement.

“Due to circumstances beyond my control concerning the offer to perform at the Inauguration Concert, I was thrown into the middle of a political arena last week,” the singer’s statement says.

“I wasn’t comfortable with the song choice made on my behalf, and although I’m very blessed to have a gift that gives me amazing opportunities, as a mother and an artist, I had to defend my stance.

“That is why I made the decision to sing Strange Fruit when I was invited.

“I requested to sing Strange Fruit as I felt it was the only song that would not compromise my artistic integrity and also as somebody who has a lot of love for all people, but has a special empathy as well for African American people and the #blacklivesmatter movement, I wanted to create a moment of pause for people to reflect.”

Strange Fruit was originally recorded by Billie Holiday in 1939 but was based on a poem by Abel Meeropol.

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SOURCE: BBC Newsbeat