Morgan Freeman Explores Age-Old Questions on Season Two of ‘the Story of God’; Christian Missionary Kenneth Bae Featured In First Episode

The Emmy nominated series ‘The Story of God’, hosted by Morgan Freeman has returned for season two. The first season shattered National Geographic’s viewership records, airing in 171 countries and 46 different languages.

The series takes a neutral position, presenting different major themes of various belief systems existing today. The first episode is titled ‘The Chosen One’.

“Were talking to people who have had and are having very interesting experiences in this realm,” host Morgan Freeman shares.

Freeman meets different people who believe they are called or “chosen” to live a life dedicated to sharing their faith.

The first episode includes American missionary Kenneth Bae, who was held captive in a North Korean prison for being a Christian. Bae ran religious tours bringing in missionaries, and was accused of attempting to overthrow the government.

He served 735 days of hard labor, but was released in 2014 following pressure from US President Barack Obama.

“I knew the risk, I knew that they don’t tolerate anything but their own religious system but I felt chosen to do this by God,” Bae shares.

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Angela Zatopek