Georgia Sheriff’s Deputies Stop Teen’s Facebook Live Suicide Attempt


Bibb County sheriff’s deputies stopped a Macon teen’s apparent suicide attempt that was broadcast on Facebook Live on Tuesday night.

The haunting scene unfolded on digital screens about 7:30 p.m., prompting several to call 911.

Numerous live-streaming suicide attempts have occured since Facebook Live launched last year, but this was the first case here in Bibb County, Sheriff David Davis said.

“It’s a good thing that the people watching this called it in,” Davis said. “Those people did the right thing.”

About 30 minutes after the calls, three patrol cars and an ambulance headed down Vineville Avenue toward the teen’s house. By that time, Facebook had also called 911 to alert Macon authorities.

The teen still had a pulse as medics carried her downstairs on a gurney.

The teen was taken to a hospital but was OK on Wednesday.

“All social media is is a conduit for attention,” Davis said. “Even in this tragic situation, this young lady was looking for attention, and thankfully, the right people were watching. … It could have been more tragic.”

Since the first such instance in Georgia in last year, law enforcement, Facebook and the general public have become wiser.

In December, a 12-year-old girl living in Cedartown, about 70 miles west of Atlanta, streamed her death on the internet after telling the world she’d been sexually abused by a family member. By the time authorities there learned of the video, she was dead.

“We are a voyeuristic society,” Davis said. “It’s really troubling that you have things like this, to have access to people being able to put something up live, as it happens. … We see more often that it ends in regret.”

SOURCE: Laura Corley: 478-744-4334, @Lauraecor 
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