How a Manchester Church Demonstrated Love Right After Concert Terror Attack


“In the midst of chaos and destruction, we’ve experienced tremendous hope” said CBN News reporter, Fin Sheridan.

Manchester’s local church is doing their part to take care of citizens after the recent bombing that took 22 lives.

Audacious Church reached out the very night of the attack to support rescue and security efforts.

They opened their facilities for first responders needing a rest.

“We opened the building and we said to emergency services, the police, fire and ambulance (personnel), paramedics, ‘if you need a break and get a break, there’s free tea and coffee, and bacon sandwiches available here,’” said pastor Stuart Keir. He said they they also told the responders, “we’d love the opportunity to get to serve you.”

Keir said they accepted the hospitality.

“What an honor for us as a church to be able to do that for those serving on the frontline,” he added.

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