Wonder Woman Conquers $18.7M Through Thursday At International Box Office


FRIDAY UPDATE: Warner Bros’ lasso-hurling DC superhero Wonder Woman notched up a further $12.1M at overseas turnstiles on Thursday, taking the international box office cume to $18.7M through yesterday. The Patty Jenkins-helmed pic, which set a record for domestic previews, entered an additional 32 markets on Thursday (it’s now open in a total of 37 offshore hubs).

The UK, Brazil and Russia were among the new plays, topping comps. Also, today (Friday) saw the release in China where early unofficial numbers have Gal Gadot’s standalone turn at about $12M for the day (this is not included in the international total above).

The UK opened on a non-traditional Thursday to $1.6M (£1.2M) on 1,284 screens. Ranking No. 1, WW came in well-ahead of the 2nd frame Thursday of Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. She also exceeded the opening days of Wolverine (+30%), Thor (+17%) and Captain America: The First Avenger (+11%). The latter two have been key comps for the pic.

Brazil landed $1M (R$3.4M) on 1,273 screens, more than doubling POTC5 for the day. Including Wednesday previews, the running cume is now $1.5M (R$4.8M). The (largely male-dominated) pics WW bested at bow include Thor (+79%), Ant-Man (+42%), Doctor Strange (+37%), Man Of Steel (+31%), and First Avenger (+11%).

The Philippines grossed $971K (PHP 48.3M) to score the third best opening day for a WB movie and surpassed all comps save Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Man Of Steel.

In Russia, WW came in No. 2 by a narrow margin with thinking that it will pull ahead as the weekend continues. The gross there is $884K (Rbl 50M). The score nevertheless more than doubled the openings of First Avenger and Thor, and is 6% ahead of Man Of Steel.

Australia debuted with $837K (A$1.1M) on 606 screens.

In holds, Indonesia continues at No. 1 with a total now of $2.1M. Korea’s second day (contrary to Wednesday, a non-holiday) also maintained No. 1 with a cume of $2M so far.

Along with China, WW heads to another 16 markets including Mexico. At this rate, this lady is well headed towards that $100M+ mark overseas.

PREVIOUS, THURSDAY 10:04 AM PT: Warner Bros’ Wonder Woman has lassoed $6.3M at the international box office through Wednesday. The DC Comics movie directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot has been released in six offshore markets and is dominating those Asian hubs where it has launched, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and Indonesia. There are a total of 55 markets to open this weekend, among them China, the UK, Mexico, Russia and Brazil which hit in a mix of today and tomorrow.

Heading into the weekend, we’ve been looking at such comps as 2011’s Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger, and 2015’s Ant-Man. In very early rollout, Diana Prince’s alter ego is topping those along with a flurry of other titles (given constantly fluctuating exchange rates, all comp markers are in local currency).

She flew into Taiwan and Hong Kong on a non-traditional Tuesday and on Day One grossed $1.3M (NT$38.4M) on 323 screens in the former, and $601K (HK$4.7M) on 83 in the latter.

In Taiwan, WW more than doubled the No. 2 film, Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and scored the 3rd biggest WB opening of all time. The first female-led superhero tentpole also topped the opening day results for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice — the film in which Gadot made her debut as Wonder Woman last year — Doctor Strange, Suicide Squad, Thor, Man Of Steel, Ant-Man, Captain America: The First Avenger and both Guardians Of The Galaxy movies. The two-day cume is $1.8M

In Hong Kong, WW is the 4th biggest WB start ever, and beat the first day of such Marvel and DC pics as Deadpool, Suicide Squad, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, Man Of Steel, Logan, Thor, First Avenger and GOTG1 & 2. The two-day there is $829K.

Korea also opened on a non-traditional day, in this case a holiday Wednesday, with $1.2M (Won 1.35B) on 800 screens. It topped local opener Warriors Of The Dawn and surpassed the first day launches of Doctor Strange, Thor, First Avenger and the GOTG pics. (Unofficial numbers have WW continuing to dominate today with over $2M in the bank.)

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