Death Is a Joyous Reunion for the Christian


Do you fear death? Not dying, but death itself? Most people are afraid of the unfamiliar. That is why the prospect of death strikes such fear. It’s hard to stand not knowing all the details surrounding what happens when we die. The Bible speaks often of death, but it limits the detail regarding what transpires when we breath our last. Well, the Bible commands Christians, not to fear, and that includes death. But the Bible also gives us good reason why we ought not to fear death. For the Christian, death means joy. How could something so awful bring joy? Because death ushers us into a joyous reunion. We are reunited with Christ and with our loved ones who have died in Christ.

A Reunion with Christ

The wonderful promise that the Christian must cling to, is that when you die, you are ushered into the Presence of the Lord. There is no delay. The thief on the cross was comforted by Jesus with the words, “today you will be with me in paradise.” That is in keeping with the promise Jesus made to his disciples in saying, “where I am, there will you be also.” This hope is what drove Paul to write to the Corinthians, saying, “to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord”. For Paul, death meant joy. For in the Presence of Christ, there is fullness of Joy. Unspeakable joy, because those who die in Christ get to behold and worship, without sin, the One who saved their souls. In that place of reunion, we will fully understand what it means to belong to Christ. How comforting! On the other side of the corridor of death awaits our older brother who died for us, that we might be with him forever and experience true blessedness. Death means joy!

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SOURCE: The Front Porch
Philip Duncanson