‘The Blessed’, ‘The Holy Harlot,’ and ‘the Holier-Than-Thou’: Does Your Social Media Personality Honor Christ?


by Nancy Roxanne

Calling oneself a Christian nowadays has become another sad cliché. The word Christian is yet another widely misused descriptive word on social media bios.

Every other Instagram bio has ‘Christ follower’ or ‘God’s child’ or some variation of religious allegiance, but you would be astounded to find out how little the most outspoken ‘Christian’ has in common with their charity-preaching, forgiveness-loving Messiah.

The behaviour of those who think they are Christians or profess to be Christians leaves a lot to be desired. The hypocrisy is glaring. A vast majority of Christians do not represent the Kingdom well on social media. Here are a few types of annoying, hypocritical church folk you cross paths with every day:

The blessed

Being blessed is the new way of bragging. Every day, we see people on social media achieving great things, overcoming adversities, getting PhDs and going on luxury vacations, and the only constant is all these different scenarios is the hashtag ‘blessed.’ Sometimes they will go on to say how grateful they are to God for all the wonderful things happening to them.

Without overtly stating it, the implication is that God stepped in to influence events with a positive outcome for them personally. How uppity! It has become so rampant that normal daily occurrences are being hashtagged blessed. No, you’re not blessed because you didn’t run into traffic and got to work on time.

The holy harlot

I have a friend on Facebook who oscillates between God-fearing and resident slut, so blatantly that I am almost convinced that she suffers from Multiple Personalities Disorder. One time, she posted an update about her predilection for facials – the porn act, not the beauty treatment – then a few minutes later, posted about serving and honouring God in everything you do.

She regularly posts Bible verses in between semi-naked photos of herself and vulgar memes. I’m not saying that if you’re a Christian you should remain a virgin (although the Bible actually says so) and refrain from posting anything about sex, but for the love of God, some people are taking it too far.

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SOURCE: Standard Media / Eve Woman