Father Reports His Son to Police After Finding Photographs of Naked, Sleeping Two-year-old Girl on the Teenager’s Phone; Father Says ‘I Was Disgusted’

Editors note: All fathers and mothers ought to report their children to police who have child pornography on their device. BCNN1 says this is great and BCNN1 praises this father Paul Spensberger for loving his son enough to turn him in and letting him know he can’t get away with this.

A father has reported his own son to police after finding a photograph of a naked, sleeping toddler on the teenager’s phone.

Paul Spensberger reported his 17-year-old son Andrew to authorities in their hometown of O’Fallon, Missouri, after finding the photographs on his phone on December 30.

The two images were of a two-year-old relative of Andrew’s girlfriend and were taken at close range. The little girl was sleeping when she was photographed.  Paul found them after confiscating his son’s phone as punishment for other bad behavior.

He told DailyMail.com on Tuesday that he was ‘disgusted’ by the images and felt he had no other option than to contact police in the hope that it would finally scare his son, who suffers behavioral problems and is often in trouble for theft, into changing his ways.

When questioned by his father, Andrew, who works at KFC, told him he took the photographs with the intention of selling them to a high school classmate who he suspected was a pedophile.

He said he hoped to get $350 for the photographs and that he needed the money desperately because he owed it to others.

Paul still contacted police and his son was arrested on felony child pornography charges.

He remains in county jail on a $10,000 bond which his father, who runs his own construction business, refuses to pay.

‘He feels like s***. He feels remorse and he is scared, he’s facing time in prison. I could go and get him but he needs to learn,’ Paul told DailyMail.com.

He admitted that he was torn about whether or not to report his son but felt he had no choice because the phone the photographs were stored on is registered to his brother’s name.

‘I don’t know if I would do the same thing again now.

‘I don’t know what exactly I was expecting,’ the boy’s father said, adding: ‘It’s difficult.’

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Source: Daily Mail