Democratic Congressman John Lewis, Who Almost Died Fighting for Civil Rights in the South, Says Trump Is a Racist and Is ‘Taking Us Back to Another Place’ After ‘S***hole Countries’ Debacle

Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat and civil rights legend, said Sunday that Donald Trump ‘is a racist’ as he condemned the Republican president for reportedly referring to Haiti and African nations as ‘s***hole countries.’

Reflecting on the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., Lewis said, ‘We have come so far. We made so much progress. And I think this man, this president, is taking us back to another place.

‘I think he is a racist,’ Lewis said on ABC News’ ‘This Week.’

GOP Congresswoman Mia Love, who’s Haitian-American, also said Sunday that Trump’s alleged comments were racist in nature.

Lewis said Friday that he plans to skip Trump’s first State of the Union address in a rejection of the disputed comments. The lawmaker who marched with King was one of nearly 70 Democrats who boycotted Trump’s inauguration last year on the heels of another racially-charged dispute that erupted over MLK Day weekend.

President Trump has faced fierce blowback over claims that he referred to Haiti and African nations as ‘s***holes’ in an immigration meeting last Thursday at the White House.

Trump’s alleged remarks, which he has disputed, were thrown back in his face at an ill-timed Martin Luther King Jr. Day event in the Roosevelt Room.

‘Mr. President, will you give an apology for the statement yesterday?’ asked American Urban Radio Network White House Correspondent and CNN contributor April Ryan. ‘Mr. President, are you a racist?’ she asked in a second attempt.

The president ducked Ryan’s questions as he said goodbye to his guests and rushed out of the room.

Lewis said Friday after the incident that he ‘cannot in all good conscious be in a room, with what he has said about so many Americans’ during an appearance on Katy Tur’s MSNBC program.

The African-American congressman said that Trump must have racism ‘in his DNA.’

He told Tur, ‘I think the words that he spoke, and the action that he took to honor Dr Martin Luther King, Jr are incompatible.

‘You cannot speak the words of tolerance of peace and love and nonviolence and then put down a group of people. A nation of people, because of the color of their skin, or what part of the world they may come from.’

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SOURCE: Daily Mail