Pastor Robert Jeffress Promotes Straw Man Defense of his Support for President Trump’s ‘S***hole Countries’ Comment

Pastor Robert Jeffress recommends straw man arguments in defense of his position on President Donald Trump’s “s***hole countries” remarks.

“Read this extremely well-written article on the biblical view of government. Cuts through a lot of the baloney coming from some evangelical quarters,” Jeffress wrote Monday on Twitter with a blog post link.

The author of the blog post uses over 2,500 words to attack an argument no one made.

The blog, called Capstone Report, provides “commentary on Alabama football, politics and religion.” The author of the post isn’t listed but a few names are mentioned on the “About” page.

The post that Jeffress believes is “extremely well-written” is called “Repairing Evangelical Political Theology: Getting the State Right.” The subtitle claims, “Defending Dr. Robert Jeffress and conservative evangelicals requires repairing our evangelical political theology.”

The author, who I’ll call Capstone for convenience, presumes to defend Jeffress from a critique by Pastor Mike Bergman published Jan. 18 in SBC Voices, “Rejecting the Utilitarian Image of Man (an examination of our attitudes about immigration and abortion).”

In a Jan. 12 interview with The Washington Post, Jeffress said he agreed with Trump’s alleged comment questioning why we allow immigrants from “s***hole countries” like Haiti, El Salvador and African nations. We should allow more people from nations like Norway, Trump allegedly added.

The White House has since backed away from the remarks, arguing Trump never said that and the sentiment doesn’t reflect Trump’s views on immigration. Nonetheless, Jeffress defended Trump’s alleged “s***hole” comments.

“I’m glad Trump understands the difference between a church and country. I support his views 100 percent, even though as a pastor I can’t use that language,” Jeffress said in part, adding, “I don’t think there’s anything racist about it at all.”

Jeffress also argued that immigration decisions should be based upon whether the immigrant provides economic benefits: “Why would we allow people who will not benefit our country? We have the right to screen [refugees] based on the economic benefit they might bring.”

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SOURCE: Napp Nazworth
Christian Post