Mike Tyson’s Former Ohio Mansion to be Converted Into a Church

A mansion of excess in Ohio once owned by the “Baddest Man on the Planet” is being converted into a house of God. The Living Word Sanctuary Church’s new home is none other than former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson’s old mansion which once housed pet tigers, had mirrored ceilings, an indoor pool and a master suite with two bathrooms.

Before the church took over the property, in 2015, it had fallen into disrepair.

“The property had been untouched for 10 years,” said pastor Nicholas DeJacimo to the Warren Tribune-Chronicle. “You had so much grass you could have sold it for hay.”

The house is about 45 miles southeast of Cleveland. The 25,000 square foot mansion has been under the care of Living Word since it was donated a few years ago, according to the Associated Press.

The second floor is being reworked into church offices and meeting rooms, whereas the sanctuary itself will be in what was once an indoor pool. A four-bay garage will reportedly be converted into nurseries and classrooms, while the cages where Tyson used to keep tigers have been made into a pavilion.

The mansion was built in 1979 and then bought by Tyson in 1989 for $300,000 at a sheriff’s sale. Tyson owned the home for 10 years before selling it for $1.3 million to Paul Monea.

Tyson came back in 1995 after serving time for rape to live there while he trained. As for the church? They couldn’t be happier with the accommodations — even if it was a fixer-upper.

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SOURCE: CBS Sports, Kevin Skiver