Will O.J. Simpson Confess to Murder of Nicole Brown On FOX Special?

This never-before-seen video is the smoking gun in the upcoming FOX special, ‘The Lost Confession?’ … and it provides the reason O.J. Simpson went to Nicole Brown Simpson’s house the night she was murdered.

Simpson is interviewed by book publisher Judith Regan, who collaborated with O.J. on the book, ‘If I Did It.’ The premise is O.J. Simpson’s “hypothetical” on how Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were slaughtered on June 12, 1994.

O.J. begins by saying how “difficult” it is for him to talk in the hypothetical … weird and somewhat incriminating.

Then he talks about the murderer’s friend — “Charlie” — and suddenly Simpson goes from talking in the hypothetical to first person … I, I, I. In other words, it sounds like he’s talking about what HE did.

And then the bombshell … he says “Charlie” told him he wouldn’t believe what was going on at Nicole’s house. Simpson doesn’t say what he was told was going down, but added, “It’s gotta stop” … and that was the impetus for the drive over to Nicole’s.

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