Vatican Arrests Former Diplomat for Child Pornography Possession in the US and Canada

The Vatican police have arrested Monsignor Carlo Capella, who worked as a diplomat at the Vatican’s embassy in Washington, on suspicion of possessing child pornography in the United States and Canada.

Capella was arrested Saturday in the Vatican after the Holy See’s chief magistrate issued a warrant under a 2013 law signed by Pope Francis, according to Reuters. Some articles of the law are related to child pornography images.

The arrest comes at the end of an eight-month investigation.

The Holy See was notified about a possible violation by Capella by the U.S. State Department in August 2017.

A State Department spokesman said at the time that the United States had requested that the Capella’s diplomatic immunity be waived to open the way for possible prosecution, but the Vatican refused.

In September, Capella was recalled to the Holy See.

Pope Francis has declared zero tolerance over abuse scandals that have beset the Church for decades, but has appeared to struggle to overcome resistance within the Vatican hierarchy.

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SOURCE: Christian Post