‘Black Lightning’ Actor Cress Williams Says God Prepared Him to Star in New Superhero Show

The lead actor of the new CW superhero show, “Black Lightning,” Cress Williams, said he believes God is moving on the set of the television show and that the Holy Spirit prepared him “every step of the way.”

According to PJ Media, Williams said he felt that God was at work on the set of DC Comics’ “Black Lightning” because so many Christians have been part of the cast and crew.

“We all got the job and we started working, and we started to look around and realize there were a lot of Christians on the set,” Williams, who plays Black Lightning (Jefferson Pierce), said during a Q&A at Awesome Con in Washington, D.C., Easter weekend. “We looked around and said, ‘Wow, okay, there’s something going on here bigger than us.'”

He went on to reveal two separate opportunities in which he was able to share his faith with other actors.

“I remember Will Catlett, who plays Lala. We started shooting the first couple episodes right when he was just about to get married, and so we were at lunch and he’s a great guy, kind of a student by nature,” the actor said.

Catlett reportedly asked for marriage advice from some of his colleagues who have marriage experience.

“It turned into this conversation that led to this spiritual conversation about what it means to be a man, a man of God, to be a husband,” Williams explained. “That’s just the nature of the people that we’re around. And then it’s kind of rubbed off on people.”

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Source: Christian Post