Dez Bryant on Getting Cut by Cowboys: ‘It’s Personal’

Breakups aren’t easy, especially those that come after an eight-year relationship. Dez Bryant learned that the hard way on Friday.

Following his release from the Dallas Cowboys, Bryant took to Twitter to express his thought process post-schism. Although the 29-year-old receiver admitted the move was a business decision and one that he expected, Bryant still took the release personally.

In a series of tweets sent out in the hour following his release, Bryant expressed his love for the Dallas fans (“I will always love y’all), confirmed that he was not offered a pay cut (“I need you to know this wasn’t my decision”) and hinted that he is open to joining one of Dallas’ NFC East rivals. Bryant told NFL Network’s Jane Slater that he “feels free” following the cut and is “hyper motivated” to play for a new team next season.

In response to a statement sent out by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, which explained among other things that Dallas brass “arrived at this crossroad collectively with input from several voices within the organization,” Bryant also intimated that he knew the decision to release him was not Jerry’s alone.

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SOURCE: – Jeremy Bergman