Former Foster Child Calls on Adults to Be More Involved With Youth at Orange Conference

An author and former foster child who specializes in youth issues has stressed the need for adults to be more involved with youth, stating that “every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story.”

Josh Shipp, a youth speaker who was abused and abandoned as a child, gave remarks on Friday morning before the Orange Conference held in Atlanta, Georgia.

Shipp recounted how his teenage mother abandoned him at birth and that from there he went from foster home to foster home.

Shipp described himself as being a master at “the art of getting kicked out of foster homes,” noting that “when kids do not talk out, they will act out.”

He spoke of misbehaving enough to get moved from family to family, to the point where he even kept a notebook that tracked how quickly he could get kicked out of a home.

“I had three columns,” he recalled. “Column one, the date I entered the foster home; column two, the date I was kicked out of the foster home; column three, the methodology I employed to successfully get kicked out of the foster home.”

“My life as a foster kid was so out of control, so unsafe, this notebook was my sense of control, my sense of safety. The fact of the matter is I trusted no one, particularly any adult.”

Shipp attributed his misbehavior to his belief at the time that no adult cared for him, even on one occasion attempting suicide because he felt there would never be an adult he could trust.

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SOURCE: Christian Post