Colorado Man Refuses to Return Hispanic Neighbour’s Trampoline Because He Didn’t Act Like a ‘White Person’

A Colorado man has allegedly refused to return a trampoline belonging to a Hispanic Christian man and his multi-racial family after it was blown into his yard by a windstorm because his neighbor did not ask to have his property back like a “a white person.”

“Look, if he had acted like a white person he could have gotten it back … it’s that simple,” the unidentified man told CBS4 about the trampoline belonging to Russell Cordova and his family.

Cordova said his neighbor, who also yelled at his wife, Nicole Emanuel, when she tried asking for their trampoline back, has also been demanding $1,400 for a flagpole that was allegedly damaged by the wayward trampoline during the windstorm.

The bewildered father of four told CBS4 that he checked with his insurance company, and was told the neighbor’s insurance should cover the damage to his flagpole.

“I just don’t want there to be anymore confrontation, that’s all. This is a simple matter, there should not have been confrontation from the get-go … thought it could be easily resolved, but apparently that’s not the case,” Cordova said of his family’s trampoline that still sits in the neighbor’s yard. The neighbor has defiantly dared the couple to sue him for the trampoline.

Cordova’s wife explained in a post on her blog “Keep Calm It’s Life” that a powerful windstorm on April 17 that uprooted trees also untethered their children’s trampoline from their yard and sent it flying.

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SOURCE: Christian Post