Texas Man Becomes Guardian of 6 Siblings Who Survived Crash That Killed Their Parents

A 23-year-old Texas man who was orphaned when his devout Christian parents died after they were involved in a crash along with his six younger siblings is still trying to come to terms with his new role as guardian, as hundreds of people pour in donations to help his family.

“I have absolutely no idea,” the man, Ethan Owen, told WFAA8 on Monday when asked how he planned to survive with his siblings in the wake of the death of his parents.

Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers said in an East Texas Matters report that the Christian couple, Michael Scott Owen, 52, his wife, Jennifer Owen, 47, and six of their children were traveling in their Chevrolet Tahoe towing a trailer when their vehicle side-swiped a Ford pickup on SH-19. The Tahoe reportedly veered off the road into a bar-ditch and rolled onto its top and was partially submerged in a creek.

All six of their children who were traveling with them survived but the devout couple who loved spending time with their children did not.

“This is that family that spends time with their kids … they were camping with their kids,” the late couple’s Pastor, Craig Curry of First Baptist Church of Plano, told WFAA8. Scott played guitar for the church service and Jennifer did sign language interpretation, he added.

Sitting in his parents’ favorite pew inside the church, Ethan explained that when he first learned that his parents had died: “It was like someone tearing out my heart. It hurt a lot.”

Despite his pain, Pastor Curry said the 23 year old has been working hard at being strong for his family.

“He was showing a lot of strength through all that. I don’t know how he was still upright,” Curry said.

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SOURCE: Christian Post