Migrants Lure 1,400 Underage Dutch Girls Into Sex Slavery in Netherlands Every Year

Reports in the Netherlands have warned that each year nearly 1,400 underage girls are groomed and lured into sex slavery by men from migrant backgrounds.

“These men are mostly Moroccans, Turks, Caribbeans, and Roma. The lion’s share of them have a migrant background,” said Gideon van Aartsen of Watch Nederland, which is an organization that monitors child sexual exploitation and coordinates with police.

The report in the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad from Sunday, translated by Breitbart London, explains that the underage girls are often seduced by drugs, alcohol, and gifts into becoming the sex-partners of so-called “loverboys,” who then blackmail them into a life of prostitution.

Van Aartsen explained that such men can earn “up to 800 euros a day on a girl” who are sold for sex, and said that most of them are also involved in illegal drugs and weapons trafficking.

Police human trafficking experts Marijke van Overveld and Esmee Huijps noted that around 1,400 Dutch girls are caught in the sex trade every year, which is consistent with previous statistics reported by the national reporter on trafficking and sexual violence.

As DutchNews.nl noted in October 2017, over 6,000 people fall victims to human trafficking each year in the Netherlands, with 1,320 of those being underage girls.

The report, which was carried out together with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, found that 46 percent of the cases came from within the sex trade business in the Netherlands, while another 21 percent came from cross-border trafficking for the sex industry.

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SOURCE: Christian Post