Sister Oprah Is Going to Heaven…on Earth

Oprah Winfrey just purchased a spacious sylvan property nested in the picturesque Orcas Island, between prominent hot spot cities Seattle and Vancouver.

The legendary media proprietor splashed a posh $8.275 million on the 43-acre waterfront estate that was deemed Madroneagle by a preceding owner.

Stunning photographs captured from inside the rustic yet modern mansion made with natural wood walls and flooring showcase the 7,303 square-foot, three-story main house complete with four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a slew of luxurious amenities.

The guest house, also referred to as the gallery house, offers the same number of bedroom and bathroom amenities in a more compact area.

Initially reported by the celebrity real estate and lifestyle blog, Velvet Ropes, the guest house was constructed in 1980, while the main house was built in 2007.

The first floor of the main house includes the living and dining rooms as well as the bedrooms. The looped stairway leads guests to the second floor where a game room, another living room and a bathroom are seen.

The bottom floor includes a lavish wine cellar and spacious workshop that offers gorgeous window views of the island.

The guest house, a bit more modest, sits on the cliffside and is 2,948 square feet. The gallery includes decks overlooking the private beach.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail