Testimonies of Faith & Courage Shared at Woman’s Missionary Union Meeting

‘Kempton Turner grew up in gang- and crack-infested neighborhoods in East St. Louis, Ill. Destined to follow his parents’ lifestyle of addiction, during a wild and wanton trip to New Orleans’ Mardi Gras, Kempton was approached by a couple who shared the life-changing gospel with him. At that moment, “The Lord revealed Himself to me,” Kempton said, sending the young man on an unshakable pursuit of his faith.

Now as North American Mission Board church planters, Kempton and his wife Caryn are planting their lives on the same East St. Louis streets he once prowled for easy fixes. Through the City of Joy church, the Turners and their five children are making inroads for Christ by helping neighbors rehab homes and learn job skills, bringing hope to the devastated community with little hope.

Testimonies of faith, courage, boldness and devotion, unshakable in the pursuit of God were the focus of “A Night at the Theatre — Mission Style,” during 2018 National Woman’s Missionary Union Missions Celebration June 11 in Dallas.

After the Cuban government seized her family’s home, businesses and bank accounts, Irma Moss and her family determined they must seek refuge in South Florida. Her father once owned several restaurants in their homeland, yet he arrived in America to find work as a dishwasher. When the last plane for America left the island in the mid-60’s, Irma, her mother and sister took the last three seats to their new homeland in America.

Now the dedicated Christian worker in South Florida seeks to follow her mother’s daily faith “keeping my eyes only on Him, to be courageous and stand firm — not to be shaken.”

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SOURCE: Baptist Press