Rebekah Hargraves on Raising Godly Girls, Not Stereotypes

I am honored to be joining my friend Lee Felix in her blog series this month on the topic of Raising Godly Girls.

Anyone who has ever read my blog or listened to my podcast knows that I went through a long phase of legalism during my teen years.

The primary way this legalism played out in my own personal life was in my practice of taking man’s teachings regarding what Biblical womanhood was and superimposing them onto the Scriptures.

The result (though I didn’t see it at the time) was that I was making the Word of God say something it actually didn’t say. I had my own box, my own system, my own viewpoint about what comprised a godly woman’s calling, life, and purpose, while the plain teachings of the whole canon of Scripture were largely ignored so that I might hold firm to that self-made box.

I fear that, sadly, my story is nothing out of the ordinary.

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Source: Christian Post