Families Warn of ‘Devastating’ Consequences if Faith-Based Adoption Agencies Are Shut Down Over Conservative Views of Marriage

A number of former foster children who are now helping others find homes through faith-based adoption agencies told a Michigan court on Thursday that there will be “devastating” consequences if such agencies are shut down over their views on gay marriage.

The American Civil Liberties Union is suing agencies such as St. Vincent Catholic Charities in the state over its conservative stance on marriage, accusing it of turning down gay couples who want to adopt.

“St. Vincent rescues children from the most vulnerable, most disadvantaged backgrounds like mine and gives them a chance to be part of a loving family and have a normal, healthy, happy childhood,” said Shamber Flore, who once found her adoptive family through St. Vincent.

“We can’t let the ACLU take that away,” Flore added, according to Becket, the nonprofit, public interest law firm that is representing St. Vincent.

Melissa Buck, a mother of five children with special needs adopted through the agency, also talked about the vital role St. Vincent plays.

“We continue to rely on vital support services St. Vincent provides to this day. If these programs were shut down, it would be devastating for our family,” Buck said.

The ACLU, which filed a lawsuit in September 2017, is challenging the Michigan’s practice of permitting state-funded child placement agencies to use religious criteria to turn away LGBT prospective foster and adoptive parents.

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SOURCE: Christian Post