Two Earthquakes Rock Surrey in 12 Hours

Surrey has been rocked by a 2.7 magnitude earthquake today – the second in just 12 hours.

The quake was the sixth to shake the area near both Gatwick and Heathrow airports in just four weeks – and raised the unlikely spectre of a ‘Big One’ hitting London.

Previous quakes have included a 2.6 magnitude tremor felt in parts of Surrey and West Sussex on June 27 and a quake measuring 2.6 recorded on June 30.

Today’s 2.7 tremor was recorded at Newdigate, which is eight miles from Gatwick and 30 miles from Heathrow, just after 1.30pm.

It was less than a mile below the surface.

Just hours earlier, a tremor was recorded at 4.59am at Newdigate at a magnitude of 2.0.

Large earthquakes are extremely rare in Britain but scientists recently uncovered two fault lines running directly under London.

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SOURCE: Christian Post