Stephen Baldwin Says He is Focused on His Faith, Family and Making Christian Movies ‘With Excellence’

Stephen Baldwin, an actor and evangelical Christian, says he has been focused on making good quality Christian media while being a family man and father to his newly engaged daughter Hailey.

In a two-part interview on the Lucas Miles Show posted last week, Baldwin shared what he thinks about the current state of Christian films.

“What’s happening in Christian cinema is progressively getting better,” Baldwin told host Lucas Miles. “But part of my calling is challenging Christians to be sure of their calling when they say ‘the Holy Spirit is calling me to Hollywood.'”

“I say, you better be sure about that because Satan’s running Hollywood, brother,” Baldwin advised.

According to his book, The Unusual Suspect, Baldwin, who has been in Hollywood for decades, became a born-again Christian after the 9/11 attacks. Since then, he has been doing ministry and Christian films.

“I’ve made about 110 films in 30 years, the Lord is always giving me ideas,” Baldwin continued. “Film is so natural to me, I have to stay in touch with the Holy Spirit. I get ideas every day for, let’s say, a Christian version of CSI or Law and Order.”

He then stressed the importance of Christian media being produced “with excellence,”

“We need to give it more crossover potential, make it more attractive so we can get the Gospel message across!” he explained.

The famous Baldwin brother admitted that he has some pretty “wild” ideas in the works. He insisted that he wants to take Christian media to the next level.

“I have a project called ‘Veritas,’ which is kinda ‘road warrior meets the Matrix,'” he said. “It’s based on Revelation.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law