Michael Avenatti Says a Third Woman Will ‘Literally Risk Her Life’ to Come Forward and Accuse SCOTUS Nominee Kavanaugh of Sexual Misconduct Within the Next 48 Hours and Teases ‘Criminal Charges’

Michael Avenatti has said he will reveal a third woman who is ready to accuse Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct.

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, who appeared on CNN and MSNBC after being in court representing the porn star who allegedly had sex with President Donald Trump, also blasted Kavanaugh on Monday for claiming that he could not have committed sexual misconduct in his youth because he was a virgin in high school.

On MSNBC Monday night, Avenatti told host Rachel Maddow that his mystery client could conceivably bring criminal charges and that he would reveal her identity within the next two days.

Avenatti says the woman will ‘literally risk her life’ by going public.

The lawyer said the woman is ‘100 per cent credible’ and is willing to take a polygraph if Kavanaugh does as well.

Avenatti said that the woman, who once worked for the U.S. Mint and the State Department, has information about Kavanaugh and his childhood friend, Mark Judge.

‘It will relate to how they behaved at countless house parties,’ Avenatti told USA Today earlier in the day.

He says there will be ‘many, many’ corroborating witnesses to confirm the woman’s account.

Kavanaugh told Fox News that he was a virgin in high school – prompting Avenatti to dispute the claim during an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

‘I just think it’s absolutely unbelievable,’ Avenatti said.

‘And I think the American people are smarter than this.

‘You cannot reconcile the individual on Fox News with the individual that was joined at the hip with Mark Judge throughout the years at issue.

‘You just can’t. I don’t believe that America is going to believe what Brett Kavanaugh just stated on Fox News.

‘So, what exactly is he saying? Is he saying that he did not have sexual intercourse?’

Avenatti continued: ‘Are we going to get into a definition of sexual intercourse?

‘Does that mean he performed oral sex or had oral sex performed on him?

‘Does that mean any host of any other sexual activities occurred?

‘Or does he want America to believe that the only thing that he did until well into his college years was effectively kissed or French kissed a woman? Is that what he wants America to believe?’

Avenatti told Maddow on MSNBC that his new client could possibly seek criminal charges.

‘I think there very well may be or will be a criminal complaint made relating to this conduct,’ he said.

‘We don’t believe a statute of limitations would apply to it.’

Avenatti said that the woman knew Kavanaugh around the time of high school but attended a different school.

He says the woman has had multiple security clearances from the U.S. government, including the State Department and Department of Justice.

The woman also wishes to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee to give sworn testimony, Avenatti says.

He refused to say how the woman met Kavanaugh and Judge. Avenatti also would not say when this alleged incident took place.

Avenatti says that not making Judge available to testify before the committee suggests that Republicans have something to hide.

‘She reached out to me,’ the attorney told The Guardian.

‘We vetted her claim and she satisfactorily passed that vetting.’

‘We have demanded that Mark Judge be subpoenaed to testify before the committee in public so that the American people can hear Mark Judge answer questions about his close friend Brett Kavanaugh,’ Avenatti told Maddow.

‘So far, those requests have fallen on deaf ears.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail