Four-foot Alligator Rescued from Lake Michigan

A kayaker found the alligator near the banks of Lake Michigan off Waukegan, Illinois, roughly an hour north of Chicago.Courtesy City of Waukegan

Authorities in Illinois rescued a four-foot alligator from Lake Michigan on Monday, officials said.

“It is not every day someone reports an alligator in Lake Michigan and the report is true,” the city of Waukegan said in a Facebook post.

Waukegan is roughly an hour north Chicago, on the banks of Lake Michigan near the Wisconsin state line.

A kayaker who initially believed the reptile was a dead salmon called 911 after seeing an alligator head in the water, the Lake County News-Sun reported.

“I was just in shock,” the kayaker, David Castaneda, told the paper. “I wasn’t sure if it was a real alligator or a toy.”

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SOURCE: NBC News, Tim Stelloh