Kentucky Church’s Laser Tag Outreach Impacts Kids

For the past six years, White Sulphur Baptist Church has hosted a unique event that brings youth, police and military personnel together for a night of fun — and much more.

The Georgetown, Ky., church has dubbed the event “Mission Impossible.” On Oct. 12, the church presented a laser tag style game at night where youth competed against police and military personnel — who are known during the evening as “commandos.” It’s spread out across a brush filled, eight-acre field cut with paths that lead to a home base.

Watchtowers are scattered across the field so commandos can sweep spotlights looking for the youth and then pass information to the commandos on the ground. This year a helicopter circled the field with a spotlight assisting the commandos.

Troey Stout, a Drug Enforcement Administration special agent in Lexington and White Sulphur Baptist Church member, is one of the organizers.

“We want kids to have a positive experience with police and people with a military background,” he said. “All of the folks working with us have a servant’s heart.”

Preparation for the event takes the better part of a year. Wanda Miller, a leadership team member and church member, said it is a learning experience for the youth. “They have to learn about finishing the course and how challenging that can be,” she said.

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SOURCE: Baptist Press