Legacy of Teen Who Died in Church Bus Crash Sparks Bible-Reading Challenge

The memory of a Kansas teen who was killed in a horror church bus crash last year continues to live on as a result of her unshakeable trust in Christ and love of the Bible. Hannah Foy, 14, was killed August 10 in Bolivar, Missouri, when the van she was traveling in experienced a tire blow out and veered off the road. Two other teens were killed after the vehicle flipped over and hit a tree.

A faith-filled young woman, one day before her death, Hannah had excitedly explained to her mom that she had finished reading her entire Bible.

“She turned to me and she said, ‘Guess what, mom?’” Jennifer Foy told WDAF-TV. “She had this excitement in her eye, and I said, ‘What?’ and she said, ‘Mom, I finished the Bible.’ That was really exciting because she’d finished a week early, and in that moment I was just so proud of her, and then I told her when she got back we would celebrate.”

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