VP Pence Calls Democrats the Party of ‘Infanticide’ as Vermont Moves Towards Most Unrestricted Abortion Law in the World

In the push by Democratic-controlled legislatures for completely unrestricted abortion, the state of Vermont is considering the most radical abortion law in the world.

H-0057, with 91 co-sponsors, would create an absolute right to an abortion with no limitations — a move that would allow abortion of viable babies.

It comes less than two weeks after New York passed a similar law, and days after a Virginia bill legalizing abortion up to the moment of birth was defeated amidst a public outcry.

The Vermont bill even stipulates that “a fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus shall not have independent rights under Vermont law,” which one expert warned would open to the door to gruesome fetal experimentation.

Vice President Mike Pence writes in The National Review that the Democratic Party’s embrace of “infanticide…is morally reprehensible and evil.”

“This shameless embrace of a culture of death is startling to every American who cherishes life,” Pence says. “Not too long ago, the Democratic party’s stated position was that abortion should be ‘safe, legal, and rare.’ It was this widespread rejection of late-term abortion that led a large bipartisan majority in Congress to pass the partial-birth-abortion ban in 2003. But now look at how far the Democratic party has fallen.”

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