President Trump, Hillary Clinton Join Calls for Ralph Northam to Resign After he Admits Wearing Blackface, but Denies Being in Yearbook Photo

President Donald Trump called Ralph Northam’s actions “unforgivable” after the Virginia governor said Saturday afternoon that he does not believe he is either person in the racist photo that appeared in his 1984 Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook.

“Democrat Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia just stated, ‘I believe that I am not either of the people in that photo,'” Trump tweeted. “This was 24 hours after apologizing for appearing in the picture and after making the most horrible statement on ‘super’ late term abortion. Unforgivable!”

About 20 minutes later, Trump speculated about what Northam’s Republican challenger, Ed Gillespie, might be thinking about following the discovery of the racist yearbook photo.

“Ed Gillespie, who ran for Governor of the Great State of Virginia against Ralph Northam, must now be thinking Malpractice and Dereliction of Duty with regard to his Opposition Research Staff. If they find that terrible picture before the election, he wins by 20 points!”

Northam received 53.9-percent (1,405,041) to Gillespie’s 45-percent (1,173,326) of the vote in November of 2017.

And late Saturday night, 2016 Democratic nominee for president and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton tweeted that Northam must resign.

“This has gone on too long. There is nothing to debate. He must resign,” she wrote.

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