Watch: VA Gov. Northam Is Asked if He Can Still Do the Moonwalk and Seems to Consider Performing It Before His Wife Intervenes

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s Saturday press conference reached bizarre heights when the politician almost showed off the moonwalk he perfected when donning blackface for a Michael Jackson costume in the 80s.

The 59-year-old from Nassawadox became more of a laughing stock when he brazenly admitted to dressing up as the late singer wearing similar footwear, a glove and shoe polish to look like an African-American person.

During the excruciating appearance in the Executive Mansion, he said he later learned from a friend Seth that doing so for a dance competition was indeed inappropriate and he apologized to his friend at the time.

But while taking questions, a reporter asked the governor: ‘Are you still able to moonwalk?’

And in the brief moments after the question, Northam appeared to look around to see if he had enough space to do the dance move.

But just as he looks to start the jig, his wife asserted: ‘Inappropriate circumstances.’

‘My wife says inappropriate circumstances,’ the controversial politician reiterated.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail