The Forgotten Yazidis’ Life in Exile Four Years After Fleeing ISIS

The devastation unleashed by ISIS in Iraq is still on display every day, long after the Islamic jihadists were driven out. And families who fled for their lives are still just clinging to life in the aftermath.

On the outskirts of Erbil, the capital city of Kurdistan, sits a large, abandoned building. Construction was never finished, but there is a concrete shell, and for the last four years, 14 Yazidi families have called this building home.

The families fled the city of Sinjar in the western part of Iraq when ISIS attacked Sinjar and left it in ruins.

They’ve been basically camping in the building in makeshift shacks and shanties they’ve created. There is no electricity or water. They collect rain water off the roof.

Several babies have been born among the families camped here, and the mothers struggle to keep them warm during the cold nights. They have some propane heaters that would help, but they ran out of propane and the money to buy it long ago.

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