Revealed: Colorado Doctor Is Outed as Man Who Put on Blackface to Dress Up as One of the Supremes in Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s Yearbook

Two of the other doctors photographed in blackface in Virginia governor Ralph Northam’s infamous 1984 medical school yearbook have been identified.

Dr. Steven Nafziger, 64, and Michael J. Breiner, 59, were two of three men three men who donned blackface to dress up as The Supremes for the Halloween party at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

Northam attended the party but whether or not he wore a racist costume to it has been a source of great debate.

The scandal began when his yearbook page was unearthed. In the collage of photographs beneath his name is one from the party where two men are dressed up, one in blackface and one in a KKK robe.

There is no caption to indicate which one is Northam.

The Democratic Virginia governor apologized for it initially but has since walked back his claims to say that he is not even in the image without explaining why else it would be on his yearbook page.

He went further to say that he did not attend the party, despite others – namely his roommate at the time – confirming that he was there.

As the calls for Northam to resign mounted, more photographs, emerged.

In a statement on Tuesday, the medical center where Nafziger works in Pueblo, Colorado, told that the racist costume should not speak for his career.

Parkview Medical Center said it had ‘no formal comment on the discovery of a nearly four-decade old photograph of Dr. Steven Nafziger, vice president of medical services, dressed and performing as one of The Supremes at a Halloween party during medical school.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail