WATCH: Shila the Pomeranian Sneezes So Hard that She Almost Loses her Balance

An adorable Pomeranian has a sneezing fit so intense that she almost trips over her tiny legs.

Shila, five, sneezes five times and almost loses her balance as the force of her sneezes moves her across the room.

At the beginning of the video Shila sneezes twice in quick succession and then looks like she might stop.

As she cranes her neck up toward the ceiling she sneezes twice again and the second one sees her back legs almost give way from the force.

She then appears to headbutt the floor as she lets off her final sneeze causing her owner to chuckle.

Her owner, Esra Ozturk, from Istanbul, Turkey, can be heard saying ‘bless you’ at least five times to the fluffy dog.

Ms Ozturk said: ‘When she starts sneezing she can never stop’.

The enchanting Pomeranian has an Instagram account with at least 400,000 followers.

Her and her brother, Eddie, feature on the account (called ) and their photos regularly see over 50,000 likes from other social media users.

SOURCE: Daily Mail, by Isabella Nikolic