Heroic Youth Volleyball Team Out for After-School Practice Saves Suicidal Woman Dangling From Bridge by Telling Her ‘Your Life Matters’

Image source: Facebook via Kepler Neighborhood School

A California youth volleyball team has saved a woman’s life after discovering her dangling from a bridge during after-school practice.

What happened?

The team from, Kepler Neighborhood School in Fresno, had been jogging across the Tuolumne Street Bridge in downtown Fresno Thursday when a number of players rushed up to coach Elliott Murray, screaming, “a lady is trying to jump off the bridge!”

According to one of the students, 12-year-old Branden Ezell, the woman initially waved at the group, catching their eye in the process.

“We’re walking up and she waves at us so we wave back and by the time we looked away and then look back, she’s already hanging off — like full-on hanging off, just one arm holding her up,” Ezell said, according to NBC News.

Murray ordered the boys to engage in conversation with her while he called the police. “I said immediately go back up and get her attention,” he recalled. “Tell her her life matters. And do not stop.”

Listening to his coach’s instructions, one of the boys, Elijah, began to tell the woman just how important her life was.

“Elijah said, like, ‘Your life is worth it, no matter how much things are happening in life, you always gotta think about the positive, you gotta count your blessings,” recalled a fellow student, Joshua Velasquez.

As police helicopters hovered overhead, the boys just kept on speaking truth and life over the embattled woman.

Then, as their words of comfort and hope continued to minister to the woman in her grief and pain, she eventually hoisted herself back up onto the bridge.

Authorities praised the team’s quick-thinking and said it is likely they prevented a potential suicide. “She admitted to wanting to commit suicide,” Lt. Mark Hudson said, according to the Fresno Bee.

“That lady was probably a mother and she’s seeing all those kids tell her that ‘your life matters, do not do this’ and chanting and screaming,” Murray said. “That gave her enough to change her motivation of wanting to kill herself.”

The Boys Stepped Up

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SOURCE: Faithwire – Will Maule