Pakistani Christian Mother, Asia Bibi, Who Spent 8 Years On Death Row for her Faith, is Finally Free and On her Way to Canada to be Reunited With her Daughters

Asia Bibi with her daughters, Isham and Isha, who remained at home in Canada during her incarceration.

A mother who faced a death sentence for blasphemy in Pakistan has finally escaped the country.

Devout Christian Asia Bibi – who was let out of prison seven months ago – was last night on her way to be reunited with her daughters in Canada.

Mrs Bibi, 53, had been languishing in custody enduring an agonising wait while her freedom was blocked by the Pakistan army. She had been in failing health and was being denied access to medical care. But last night the Daily Mail was told that she had been allowed to leave at last.

The development means she is finally safe from lynch mobs who were demanding her execution. The mother of two endured eight years on death row for allegedly insulting Islam.

She was convicted in 2010 of offending the Prophet Mohammed under Pakistan’s controversial blasphemy laws.

Last October she was freed on appeal, sparking violent demonstrations stoked up by Taliban supporters.

She was put under armed protection from Islamist death squads as she sought asylum in a Western country.

Britain was urged to offer her sanctuary, but never did – and was accused of ‘pulling up the drawbridge’.

Eventually, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau stepped in. Her daughters are already there, awaiting their mother.

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