Paul de Vries: Today, Let’s Celebrate God’s Liberation of Mothers!

Good mothers are such an amazing gift!  What a truly brilliant invention by our Creator!

And Mother’s Day is just one important occasion to express our appreciation – both to the mothers and to their Creator.

Tragically, some self-appointed representatives of our Creator have misrepresented Biblical teaching and have inappropriately disrespected mothers – even our first mother!  In mature Bible interpretation, it is essential both (1) to get the text and translation right and (2) to apply the text’s meaning coherently.  Both are areas at risk when we approach the first chapters of Genesis.

For example, the Lord’s purposes for both men and women are very strongly stated in Genesis 1:26-28.  Both men and women are God’s children, made in God’s image, they are both made according to God’s likeness, and they are both called to be God’s personal stewards on earth.  First, both men and women are God’s children – so we are all called to Divine relationship.  Second, both men and women are God’s image – so we all can represent God as vital “priests.”  Third, both men and women are made after God’s likeness – so we all can reveal God as vibrant “prophets.”  Fourth, both men and women are God’s personal stewards – so we all can reign in nature in God’s behalf, as responsible “kings and queens” of the creation.

Genesis 1:26-28 is the most ancient template for honoring women and men.  We study the Scriptures and we participate in Church to worship and elevate God.  Let us also release the Scriptures to speak clearly, elevating every human as God’s child, as Creator’s image, as the Lord’s likeness, and as personal stewards of the Divine.  In anticipation of Mother’s Day, we can actively help mothers to receive gladly their primal callings as the true children, images, likenesses, and personal stewards of the Almighty.

Nevertheless, there are deep issues that negatively affect people’s interpretations of Genesis 3.  For one thing, the text never says what some people want it to say.  For example, the Lord never curses either the woman or the man.  Only the evil snake and the ground get cursed – while God still predicts rough times ahead for the woman and the man.  Those rough times include pain in both child-bearing and child-raising.

Another stated consequence of sin is that men would “rule over” women.  This shift to men’s tragic “triumph” at taking power over women was a natural consequence of our first ancestors tearing away the established moral fabric of daily, vibrant accountability while walking with the living God.  That vibrant ethos was replaced by their own opportunistic human interpretations of their personal and private “knowledge of good and evil.”  What a systemic downgrade of personal ethics!

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Paul de Vries