‘Empower Women Media’ Founder Shirin Taber is Using Media to Help Women in the Middle East Fight Oppression and Violence

Middle East women’s leader Shirin Taber

Ongoing discrimination, oppression and violence against women in the Middle East and parts of North Africa, remains pervasive and entrenched.

In the ongoing discrimination, oppression and violence against women from Algeria to Yemen, women face a host of challenges relating to marriage, child custody, access to education and health care, according to CBNNews.com.

CBNNews.com says governments routinely harass, persecute and even jail women when they try speaking up for greater human rights, freedoms and social justice. Islamic law simply doesn’t grant women the same rights as men.

Whether it’s applying for a job, traveling outside the home, choosing where to live or even a simple thing like applying for a passport, women in the Middle East, compared to the rest of the world, face enormous restrictions.

Shirin Taber is trying to change that. In 2013, she launched Empower Women Media, to help women in the Middle East and around the world use media to raise a new generation of leaders.

“The research shows that the fastest way to actually impact change for women is through media,” Taber told CBN News. “Increasingly, more and more women are on social media and they are communicating, they are sharing things they’ve never shared before, including many of the injustices they experience.”

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SOURCE: Assist News, Michael Ireland