SOAR International Partners with Local Churches and Orphanages in Russia to Send Bibles and Gifts to Children in Need

Orphans and other disadvantaged children received supplies and Easter gifts this year with the help of SOAR International.

Today begins part one of a two-part story about Baskets of Hope and SOAR’s work in Russia. Join us tomorrow as we look into SOAR’s work in Russia with orphanages and the local Church.

The Gift of God’s Word

SOAR’s outreach ministry, Baskets of Hope, provides toys, winter gear, hygiene supplies, and school essentials to Russian children who don’t have access to these resources. This year, SOAR missionary Becky Dwinnell brought over backpacks filled with these resources for children in Ryazan, Russia.

Along with the supplies, every basket has a Bible in Russian.

Dwinnell says this Bible is what the children get most excited about from their basket. “They don’t go for the school supplies. The first thing[s] they look for are their Bibles. Each child gets a Bible in the Russian language, and it’s so cool just to see their eyes light up when they get these baskets and are looking for their Bibles,” Dwinnell adds.

These supplies are truly gifts because it is rare for these children to receive new items.

“It’s just like getting a birthday present — you always want to get something new,” Dwinnell says.

These items are all bought in Russia, so the children are familiar with the toys and excited to receive them.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Sarah Traill