PTEE is Equipping Refugees in Sweden to Share the Gospel Effectively

Sweden (MNN) – The Program for Theological Education by Extension’s (PTEE) courses are raising up Arabic-speaking leaders in the Church all around the world. Courses are guiding students in the Middle East and even in Europe.

PTEE’s Muna, who was previously a PTEE student, now leads courses in Sweden.

Muna’s Journey

Muna was born in Amman, Jordan and has moved to different areas of the world to work with refugees and immigrants.

“I studied sociology in Jordan, and I worked in Amman with refugees,” she says.

After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in sociology, Muna worked in three refugee camps while she was in Jordan and taught health and social education in remote areas of the nation.

In 1986, she and her sisters became PTEE students, studying the book of Hebrews. Muna says her brother later became a student, as did his children and her sister’s children.

“PTEE has had a deep impact on so many in my family,” she said in a PTEE newsletter.

In 1989, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia and then later to London, working with different ministries, and finally, in 1993, she moved to Sweden.

Following her move to Sweden, she began supporting immigrants as they integrated into the culture of Sweden, which was different from their own. She also helped to explain what it was like to be a Christian in a secular nation.

“When we talk about family values, Christian values, so we talk about living in Sweden, how we as Christians [are] raising our children in a secularized country, how we can be wise, [and] how we can do things together.”

Recently, Muna also began coaching immigrants on how to find jobs to stop living on social benefits.

Muna says when she first moved to Sweden, she began to pray that a PTEE program would begin in the country. In 2004, her prayers were answered and a PTEE course began.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Lindsay Steele