WATCH: ‘It Hit Me. I’m a Sinner and I Need a Savior’: Tim Tebow Shares What Happened the Exact Moment He Decided to Accept Jesus Christ as His Saviour

On October 4, Tim Tebow and Ravi Zacharias sat down together, sharing life challenges and lessons learned in a live, online event. Hosted by Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, the two shared personal insights on how to live as a Christian in today’s culture.

Tebow said he was lucky being born into an amazing family.

“I got to see the Gospel before I got to hear the Gospel…Every morning the Bible was open and my dad was reading it before I got up for breakfast,” the former NFL quarterback shared.

Tim Tebow watched his parents live and apply the principles of the Bible through their service every day, helping people who couldn’t do anything for them in return.

“I got to see these two examples every day.”

Tebow went on to detail his family’s active church life. They went to church on “Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night…there might be something in-between. A revival meeting or whatever…I mean, we were going to church…But honestly, that didn’t have that big of an effect on me.”

You can watch Tim’s testimony from 29:00-33:00 minute mark or watch the full conversation:

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SOURCE: Faithwire, Jared Laskey