Washington Nationals’ Anthony Rendon Says “I Want to Be More ‘Christian’ Than ‘Baseball Player'”

Anthony Rendon
MLB photo

For Anthony Rendon of the Washington Nationals, being a superstar baseball player comes with a lot of baggage that he can do without.

He doesn’t like doing interviews. He doesn’t like being idolized. He’d prefer simply to do his job on the field and not have to deal with everything that comes along with it.

“He is just a genuinely humble guy,” said Gregg Matte, senior pastor of Houston’s First Baptist Church, who has developed a friendship with Rendon in recent years. “He’s one of the best players in baseball and yet not a lot of people know his name. And so, he hasn’t tried to over promote himself at all. He’s just been humble and done his job.”

Rendon, a Houston native, will take the field tonight in the World Series against his hometown Astros as the star third baseman for the Nationals. Though a bit overshadowed in recent years by his former teammate Bryce Harper, Rendon busted out this year after Harper’s departure. He set career-highs in batting average (.319), home runs (34), RBIs (126), on-base percentage (.412) and slugging percentage (.598).

But Rendon keeps a low profile and doesn’t like to flaunt his successes. In a video that Matte shot with him in 2018, Rendon referenced a quote from Christian rapper KB.

“They label me as a Christian rapper, but all I know is I want to be more ‘Christian’ than ‘rapper,'” Rendon quoted KB as saying. “I was thinking about that. I want to be known as the Christian baseball player. I’m still trying to grow into that. But at the end, I want to be more ‘Christian’ than ‘baseball player.’

“If I just try to stay in the Word and try to surround myself with good people and have good community, I think that will just guide me on that path.”

Matte met Rendon at a gym near his house, owned by a man who also attends Houston’s First. The facility caters to professional baseball players, which Matte didn’t know at the time.

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Source: Baptist Press