SAT-7 Broadcasts God’s Love to MENA

It’s difficult to stop a signal, even in otherwise-unreachable parts of the world.

That’s the idea behind SAT-7, a satellite TV ministry to the Middle East and North Africa.

“We can reach people…in the relative safety of their homes, directly to their TVs in countries where religions and rulers and regimes sometimes try to block Christian teaching,” says Rex Rogers of SAT-7. “It’s an amazing technology for such a time as this.”

SAT-7 features Arabic, Persian, and Turkish programs for adults and kids. Viewers can watch dramas, panels, educational programs or comedies that make God’s love visible. SAT-7 KIDS shows are even available on Youtube.

“That programming, 80 percent of it is produced in the Middle East by Middle Easterners,” Rogers says. SAT-7 reaches 25 countries, a potential audience of half a billion people, in a format that is nearly uncensorable.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kali Katerberg