Jerry Jones is Tired of Cowboys ‘Losing, Losing, Losing’ After Team Falls Pitifully in Chicago

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Jones has tried everything to help his Dallas Cowboys win a football game. His scare tactics of firing Jason Garrett and the coaching staff didn’t work after a loss to the New England Patriots and his use of encouragement failed after a Thanksgiving Day loss to the Buffalo Bills.

Jones sounded like a defeated man after the Cowboys suffered another brutal loss to the Chicago Bears Thursday night. He’s sick of failure, period.

“It’s losing, losing, losing. I’m not trying to be funny here, but the point is that we’ve got to win a football game,” Jones said after Thursday’s loss to the Bears, via “I don’t care what the standings are, what the numbers are. We had thought that we could come up here and play a good team and play a fine football game and get our act to where we’re starting to look like a team that could — if we by a slim chance if we get in the playoffs — where we could win.

“We can’t do that until we play and start winning the football games and we’ve got three more to play. When we do that, we can go.”

The Cowboys still control their own destiny in the NFC East despite their third consecutive loss. Dallas is currently in first place in the dreadful division at 6-7 and remain a half game ahead of the Philadelphia Eagles, who are 5-7 and can tie for first place in the division with a win over the New York Giants Monday night. Even if the Eagles win their next two games and the Cowboys lose in Week 15 against the Los Angeles Rams, when the teams meet in Week 16 it will be for first place in the division and the right to represent the NFC East in the playoffs. A win by the Cowboys against the Rams in Week 15 would set up Dallas for the NFC East title with a victory over the Eagles.

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SOURCE: CBS Sports, Jeff Kerr