Drew Brees Breaks Peyton Manning’s Career Passing Touchdown Record with 540th TD

Drew Brees made NFL history again Monday night.

Brees broke Peyton Manning’s career touchdown record with a 5-yard pass to tight end Josh Hill midway through the third quarter against the Indianapolis Colts, giving him 540 for his career.

It was the highlight of a monster night from Brees, who also made NFL history by registering a 96.7 completion percentage as the Saints trounced the Colts, 34-7.

Brees tied Tom Brady with his 538th career TD thanks to a 15-yard pass to Michael Thomas early in the second quarter. Then, he tied Manning’s record at 539 with a 21-yard TD throw to Tre’Quan Smith midway through the second quarter.

“Listen, it was special, everything about the night,” Brees said. “I don’t know how they pick ’em. Monday Night Football, playing the Colts, the team that we won the Super Bowl against 10 years ago. So the whole Super Bowl XLIV team is back for the 10th anniversary. And obviously national television, big game, and now that record in the balance as well. It just kind of makes you shake your head. ‘Are you kidding me?’

“I’m not sure how we got here. It just kind of makes your whole life and career flash before your eyes. Because I never thought I would’ve had a chance to be a part of something like this — and just looking at the entire journey. Nineteen years from five years in San Diego to 14 years here and all the incredible teammates and coaches that I’ve had the chance to play with and for: this team right here, who’s very special. And of course our fan base, the Who Dat nation, everyone in the Dome tonight, everybody watching tonight. Loved ones, my family, my kids here. Both my college roommates, two of my best friends in the world, were here with their kids. Just an incredible night, incredible experience, incredible moment — to be able to share that with so many people, because all of them are a big part of this.”

When asked if he ever could have envisioned these types of records when his career began, Brees said, “I would’ve thought you were crazy, absolutely crazy.”

“It’s hard to fully reflect on it because I know there’s still work to be done. And my focus is very much on the goals that this team has set for ourselves,” said Brees, who said it was just a coincidence that he was wearing a Michael Jordan logo on his T-shirt after the game. “But when it’s all said and done, I think I’ll be able to look back even more and just be so appreciative.”

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SOURCE: ESPN, Mike Triplett