Anne Graham Lotz Shares How She Has Experienced ‘Triumph in Some of the Darkest Places’ in New Book “Jesus In Me”

Anne Graham Lotz has faced a difficult journey over the past few years. After losing her husband in 2015 and then her father — the famed evangelist Billy Graham — in 2018, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

It was a harrowing journey filled with painful treatments that left Lotz, author of the new book, Jesus In Me: Experiencing the Holy Spirit as a Constant Companion, with spiritual and physical challenges — and life-altering lessons.

“I have experienced triumph in some of the darkest places,” she recently told “The Pure Flix Podcast.” “And I know it’s because of the Holy Spirit.”

Listen to Lotz share her cancer journey and her incredible faith:

Lotz, who recently completed cancer treatments, recounted learning about her diagnosis and how she initially struggled to tell her family.

The Bible teacher, who has inspired millions, suddenly found herself face-to-face with a battle that held the power to deeply challenge her faith, but she persisted.

“It was my next assignment so to speak, but I didn’t know how to tell my family,” she said. “I felt like God had this in His hands too — that it was part of His purpose for me.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post;, Billy Hallowell